Fairbairn Sykes Knife sign up and deposit


FS Knife Sign up page and deposit. £20 deposit. FS knife is £275 for a knife with O1 steel blade and £295 with Becut stainless steel blade. The deposit will be deduced from the price.

I will contact you to discuss blade and handle options. The lead time is approximately 8 weeks from the time of placing a deposit.

Deposits are NOT returnable.

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These FS knives are faithful reproductions of the 1st pattern knvies developed and made during WW II. They have either 6mm thick O1 high carbon tool steel blades or 5.6mm thick Becut stainless steel blades. Blades are 175mm long. They have nickel plated machined brass handles and stainless steel guards.

Each knife is carefully made and tightly fitted to be aesthetically pleasing but more importantly, to be strong enough to do the job they were designed for. They are fully functional and sharp.

Each knife comes with a British made scabbard of heavy bridle leather with a leather retainer.


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