Fairbairn Sykes 1st pattern Knife with nickel plated brass handle and scabbard

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Fairbairn Sykes Ist pattern knife nickel plated brass handle and scabbard

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FS Knife 6mm thick, 175mm long O1 high carbon steel blade, 120mm long Nickel plated brass handle and nut, stainless guard, leather scabbard.

4 reviews for Fairbairn Sykes 1st pattern Knife with nickel plated brass handle and scabbard

  1. Fileep

    I received my knife last week.
    This is my third Fairbairn Sykes, one being a WW2 original.
    This surpasses my existing models in terms of fit and finish, robustness of construction, and materials.

    If I had to identify any superior features of another model, I might say the slender handle of the WW2 model edges ahead in looks.
    I’ve still to see a Faibairn Sykes approaching the quality of Shing’s. No unsightly gaps between blade and guard, or pommel. Guard fitted in line with blade.
    Grip inspiring unfurling.
    Symmetrical grinds.
    Clear etching

    Commissioning was hassle free, Shing kept me informed through the process.
    A pleasure, from enquiry to delivery.

  2. Tim Evans (verified owner)

    A superb and fully functional MK1 FS knife, equal to anything else out there, superb workmanship.

  3. LqSxL6XkkQ

    710355 306592Thank you for writing this tremendous top quality article. The information in this material confirms my point of view and you really laid it out well. I could never have written an article this good. 832989

  4. Trev

    I have long been on the lookout for a FS knife but everything available these days seems to be sub-standard quality.
    This Shing version however, fully met all my expectations of what the quality should be. The fit and finish is faultless and the attention to detail spot on.
    A very good knife and fully recommended!

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