Knife Sharpening Service

As a professional knife maker, I have to sharpen knives all the time.  

My knives range from small folders to kitchen knives with 10 inch blades. As a maker of top quality knives, my knives’ quality of sharpness have to match the quality of the knives. 

Using  a combination of machine and hand methods, I can achieve a level of sharpness that makes cutting both safe and pleasurable.   

Each knife is finished by hand on top quality Shapton Glass, Norton and Naniwa stones and leather strop to achieve the best edges possible. 

I can now offer a sharpening service to the public. Because I am a professional knife maker, I have an intimate and extensive knowledge of knives and steel from simple carbon steel to high wear resistant powdered stainless steels. Much more so that someone who only sharpens knives but does not know about all the details like steel hardness and edge thickness that greatly influences how a knife should be sharpen to get the best sharpness and edge retention.  

Your knives will be treated with the same care and attention as I treat the ones I make and use exactly the same high quality equipment to get your knives as sharp as my own.

I can also grind blades thinner, repair chipped edges and broken knife tips using dedicated knife making equipment to give superior results.

Sharpening Prices

£1.50 per 25mm of blade plus return postage. Minimum order is £10 plus return postage. Repair and blade thinning cost to be discussed on a per case basis. Please get in touch with me through the contact page.  This service is only available to UK based residences and businesses.