Handmade Kitchen Knives

  • Uniquely shaped and very comfortable handles, increases control and reduces fatigue
  • Diagonal blade finish to reduce food sticking to the blade
  • Fine grained carbon steel blades, easy to sharpen to a very keen edge
  • Fine grained stainless Niolox+ steel blades, resists stains and rust
  • Wear and stain resistant D2 steel blades, keeps an edge for a long time
  • Hard Wearing synthetic Micarta and laminated wood handles for durability and water resistance
  • Beautiful resin stabilised wood for warmth and beauty
  • Never put your handmade kitchen knives in the dishwasher.

Custom orders

I welcome custom orders Being completely handmade, I am very flexible. I can change the shape of the blade and handle to suit your requirements such as a bigger or smaller handle, different handle and blade materials etc. Please send a message via the Contact page.